Refund policy

If the product you purchased is not working, you can apply for a refund or exchange the product, the refund policy is as follows:

What are the conditions of the refund?

1. If you cancel the order before the order is completed, we will process the refund. You can cancel an order on the [My Account] page. You cannot cancel an order if the order status is Completed.
2. If the purchased product cannot be used normally, we will refund (or replace the product). We may ask you to provide proof that the product is unusable.
If the product you purchased has already been activated online, we cannot accept refunds as we cannot resell the item. Also please read the “Country Restrictions” in the product description carefully before purchasing. We cannot accept refunds if the purchased product cannot be used in your country because you did not read the instructions.

What information do I need to provide for a refund?

We may ask you for your username, order number, and screenshots of unusable products. In some cases, we need you to submit more supporting information. You can submit the above information to online customer service or If there is no objection, it will enter the refund process of the product.

How long does it take for a refund?

Depending on your payment method, the refund time is different. We will send you an email if the refund process has already started. Please check within a few days of the refund process to see if the refund was successful.

Are there any additional fees for refunds?

When you make a payment, the payment gateway charges a small transaction fee. Transaction fees depend on the payment method, which is determined by the payment gateway. Other than that, we will refund all the money we received to you.