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Complete Naval Combat Pack – Steam Key – Global


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This bundle includes the following: 688(I) Hunter/Killer, Dangerous Waters, FLEET COMMAND, SUB COMMAND. 688(I) Hunter/Killer, the most realistic submarine simulation ever developed for PC. Master the sonar and weapons control systems, learn to develop real target situations and outfit your boat with the latest advanced weaponry. S.C.S. – Dangerous Waters allows you total control over multiple air, surface, and submarine platforms in a modern-day naval environment. Take direct control of individual crew stations and also plan and execute combined arms naval strategies from a top-down ‘Commanders Eye’ perspective. FLEET COMMAND: With entire fleets at your command, you must strategically deploy vessels from every class – frigate to aircraft to nuclear submarine – to maintain the precarious balance of naval power and gain position for the deadly endgame. SUB COMMAND: Take charge of the most deadly modern-day submarines in the world – three distinct submarines across two unique and challenging campaigns.

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