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Monstro: Battle Tactics – Steam Key – Global


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Release Date: January 9, 2014

Monstro: Battle Tactics is an action strategy game. The story of the game is presented to you in the form of an introductory cutscene and via little text windows at the beginning of every mission. The game takes place in Ludus, a place where monsters,mythical creatures and humans live in peace but once in every hundred years the Skygods summon floating islands, in order to humans and monsters fight among themselves for the amusement of the gods. A fully deterministic logic game which plays like a tactical RPG but without RP, character growth or randomness. Fight the opposing army on the battlefield, which just so happens to be made up of conveniently perfect squares. Survive the onslaught and strike back to be the last one standing. Or, occasionally, do something else the evil Skygods want to be done for their own amusement. Learn the rules of the enemy AI and use them for your victory. Or read them up because everything is in the in-game help. 23 achievements including 17 which require you to complete existing levels in a more difficult way.

Monstro: Battle Tactics - Steam Key - Global

Monstro: Battle Tactics - Steam Key - Global

Monstro: Battle Tactics - Steam Key - Global

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