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Noob – The Factionless – Steam Key – Global


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Release Date: 2023-06-29

Noob – The Factionless is a turn-based combat RPG game. Face hundreds of monsters and wander around fantastic worlds to give your guild the place it deserves in the world of Olydri, among the mythic Noob, Justice, Roxxor and Pro Game Master guilds. Embody a team of 4 hardcore gamers and their video game avatars in a challenging and colorful RPG in a homage to the greatest J-RPGs! Explore a huge world, fight intense battles and complete quests to level up your team. Customize your avatars with the best equipment you will loot in dungeons, grottos, chests and city shops! Strengthen your team and upgrade your abilities by farming experience through the fights: adapt your skills to your fighting style or to the foes you encounter. There are over 50 hours of gameplay, over 750 characters to interact with, and over 300 maps to explore.

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