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Conan the mighty pig – Steam Key – Global


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Type: CD Key / Steam Key
Device: PC / Windows
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Release Date: June 28, 2016

Conan the mighty pig as a relaxing action-adventure exploration game. In your quest to find all the lost truffles you must avoid forest creatures and eat plants to gain special powers. There are many interconnected area to explore, including mountain and caves. Explore a colorful world at your own pace, avoiding danger and solving light puzzles. Conan, although a pig, becomes a symbol of resistance against oppressive forces. This symbolism is particularly potent in societies grappling with political turmoil or authoritarian rule.

What are the system requirements?

Minimal requirements (windows):
Processor: 1.3 Ghz
Memory: 1000 MB RAM
Disk space: 100 MB
System: Windows XP

Conan the mighty pig - Steam Key - Global

Conan the mighty pig - Steam Key - Global

Conan the mighty pig - Steam Key - Global

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