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Control (Ultimate Edition) – Xbox Live Key – Europe


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Release Date: September 10, 2020

Control Ultimate Edition contains the main game and all previously released Expansions (“The Foundation” and “AWE”) in one great value package. “Control” is a mind-bending action-adventure game that delves into the mysterious and supernatural. Players step into the shoes of Jesse Faden, a young woman who finds herself thrust into the enigmatic world of the Federal Bureau of Control (FBC), a secretive government agency tasked with investigating and containing paranormal phenomena. As Jesse navigates the ever-shifting and enigmatic headquarters known as the Oldest House, players unravel a complex narrative filled with intrigue, suspense, and surreal twists. Armed with a shape-shifting weapon known as the Service Weapon and imbued with supernatural abilities, Jesse must battle otherworldly entities and uncover the truth behind the FBC’s operations.

Control (Ultimate Edition) - Xbox Live Key - Europe

Control (Ultimate Edition) - Xbox Live Key - Europe

Control (Ultimate Edition) - Xbox Live Key - Europe

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